In this week’s update, we are presenting something slightly different; the current focus of the COVID-19 literature, based on publications registered in PubMed as published during week 35-37 (August 24th-September 13th). This resulted in 8144 publications. There were 687 keywords that occurred in five or more manuscripts. These divided into four main clusters. To create the map, we used the LinLog method. The minimum cluster size was set to 15.

Table of the most central keywords in each cluster

(Centrality measure used is weighted degree centrality/total link strength)

Cluster 1  Cluster 2  Cluster 3 Cluster 4
public health treatment outcome pandemic male
mental health antiviral agents coronavirus infection female
telemedicine pneumonia viral pneumonia middle aged
anxiety time factors betacoronavirus adult
epidemiology sars brazil aged
covid‐19 mortality clinical laboratory techniques china
depression hydroxychloroquine personal protective equipment risk factor
infectious diseases respiration, artificial united states adolescent
epidemic inflammation health personnel young adult
quarantine host microbial interactions pregnancy children
lockdown ace2 infection control retrospective studies
stress cytokines lung aged, 80 and over
global health infection nephrology severity of illness index
prevalence randomized controlled trials as topic australia cross-sectional studies
india stroke masks surveys and questionnaires

To open the map directly in VOSviewer, please use the “KeywordCoOccurrance5Inst1Resol1_20200914FocusAug24thToSep13th” MAP and NET files, available through the Open Science Foundation (OSF) repository: