Network Visualization of Bibliometric Coupling Analysis of COVID-19 Literature as it looks like at August 17th, 2020

Corpus: 37113 documents, downloaded from Scopus. 23392 of these included reference lists and were included in the analysis. For the analysis, we used linlog and total link strength. The minimum cluster size was set to 15. There are 6 main clusters in the map. The smallest cluster has 32 articles (not shown in the graphic below, but available when loading the datafiles in VOSviewer), are articles on traditional Chinese medicine and herbal remedies. The yellow cluster is by far the most dispersed, and relates generally to mental health topics.


VOSViewer files:

On a technical note, as the size of the network graphs grow, so does the complexity of the underlying calculations and files. This week, it took 4 hours to render the graph and calculate the clusters. The resulting network files also increase exponentially in size. In the past month, the file size has doubled, while the corpus has increased by 50%.

To open the map directly in VOSviewer, please use these the latest MAP and NET files, available through the Open Science Foundation (OSF) repository: 


A network map of all documents: