Network Visualization of Bibliometric Coupling Analysis of COVID-19 Literature as it looks like at August 10th, 2020

This week we analyze only articles made available in the past week, with reference lists. There were 1462 new documents, of which 693 include the necessary bibliographic information for a coupling analysis. For the analysis, we used linlog and total link strength. The minimum cluster size was set to 5. There are 7 main clusters in the map. In addition to the graph, we provide the most central articles in each of the clusters. New this week, is a cluster focused on air quality (the orange cluster).

We conducted a Keyword Co-occurrence analysis on these documents, which resulted in the follwoign network graph.







Cluster 1
Bashir m.f. (2020) Bashir m.f.; ma b.; shahzad l. A brief review of socio-economic and environmental impact of covid-19 Air quality, atmosphere and health Https:// 0.49
Bertozzi a.l. (2020) Bertozzi a.l.; franco e.; mohler g.; short m.b.; sledge d. The challenges of modeling and forecasting the spread of covid-19 Proceedings of the national academy of sciences of the united states of america, 117(29), 16732-16738 Https:// 0.48
Abdollahi e. (2020) Abdollahi e.; haworth-brockman m.; keynan y.; langley j.m.; moghadas s.m. Simulating the effect of school closure during covid-19 outbreaks in ontario, canada Bmc medicine, 18(1) Https:// 0.46
Pancrazzi a. (2020) Pancrazzi a.; magliocca p.; lorubbio m.; vaggelli g.; galano a.; mafucci m.; duranti d.; cortesi m.; mazzeschi e.; fabbroni s.; viti g.; tartaglia polcini a.; tripodo e.; sanchini p.; gervino s.; tacconi d.; dei s.; mazzierli m.; d’urso a.; ognibene a. Comparison of serologic and molecular sars-cov 2 results in a large cohort in southern tuscany demonstrates a role for serologic testing to increase diagnostic sensitivity Clinical biochemistry Https:// 0.45
Woodruff a. (2020) Woodruff a.; walsh k.l.; knight d.; irizarry-alvarado j.m. Covid-19 infection: strategies on when to discontinue isolation, a retrospective study American journal of infection control Https:// 0.45
Tang l. (2020) Tang l.; zhou y.; wang l.; purkayastha s.; zhang l.; he j.; wang f.; song p.x.k. A review of multi-compartment infectious disease models International statistical review Https:// 0.44
Boilã¨ve a. (2020) Boilã¨ve a.; stoclin a.; barlesi f.; varin f.; suria s.; rieutord a.; blot f.; netzer f.; scottã© f. Covid-19 management in a cancer center: the icu storm Supportive care in cancer Https:// 0.44
Jiang y. (2020) Jiang y.; cai d.; chen d.; jiang s. The cost-effectiveness of conducting three versus two reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction tests for diagnosing and discharging people with covid-19: evidence from the epidemic in wuhan, china Bmj global health, 5(7) Https:// 0.43
Bidra a.s. (2020) Bidra a.s.; pelletier j.s.; westover j.b.; frank s.; brown s.m.; tessema b. Rapid in-vitro inactivation of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (sars-cov-2) using povidone-iodine oral antiseptic rinse Journal of prosthodontics, 29(6), 529-533 Https:// 0.43
Rahimi h. (2020) Rahimi h.; tehranchinia z. A comprehensive review of cutaneous manifestations associated with covid-19 Biomed research international, 2020 Https:// 0.43
Cluster 2
Li s. (2020) Li s.; li j.; zhang z.; tan l.; shao t.; li m.; li x.; holmes j.a.; lin w.; han m. Covid-19 induced liver function abnormality associates with age Aging, 12(14), 13895-13904 Https:// 0.53
Wang h. (2020) Wang h.; zhang y.; huang b.; deng w.; quan y.; wang w.; xu w.; zhao y.; li n.; zhang j.; liang h.; bao l.; xu y.; ding l.; zhou w.; gao h.; liu j.; niu p.; zhao l.; zhen w.; fu h.; yu s.; zhang z.; xu g.; li c.; lou z.; xu m.; qin c.; wu g.; gao g.f.; tan w.; yang x. Development of an inactivated vaccine candidate, bbibp-corv, with potent protection against sars-cov-2 Cell, 182(3), 713-721.e9 Https:// 0.52
Yue h. (2020) Yue h.; bai x.; wang j.; yu q.; liu w.; pu j.; wang x.; hu j.; xu d.; li x.; kang n.; li l.; lu w.; feng t.; ding l.; li x.; qi x.; gansu provincial medical treatment expert group of covid-19 Clinical characteristics of coronavirus disease 2019 in gansu province, china Annals of cardiothoracic surgery, 9(4), 1404-1412 Https:// 0.51
Fauzi m.a. (2020) Fauzi m.a.; paiman n. Covid-19 pandemic in southeast asia: intervention and mitigation efforts Asian education and development studies Https:// 0.51
Prakash l. (2020) Prakash l.; dhar s.a.; mushtaq m. Covid-19 in the operating room: a review of evolving safety protocols Patient safety in surgery, 14(1) Https:// 0.51
Mirzaei h. (2020) Mirzaei h.; mcfarland w.; karamouzian m.; sharifi h. Covid-19 among people living with hiv: a systematic review Aids and behavior Https:// 0.50
Deng q. (2020) Deng q.; zhang y.; wang h.; chen l.; yang z.; peng z.; liu y.; feng c.; huang x.; jiang n.; wang y.; guo j.; sun b.; zhou q. Semiquantitative lung ultrasound scores in the evaluation and follow-up of critically ill patients with covid-19: a single-center study Academic radiology Https:// 0.49
Harapan h. (2020) Harapan h.; wagner a.l.; yufika a.; winardi w.; anwar s.; gan a.k.; setiawan a.m.; rajamoorthy y.; sofyan h.; mudatsir m. Acceptance of a covid-19 vaccine in southeast asia: a cross-sectional study in indonesia Frontiers in public health, 8 Https:// 0.49
Keri v.c. (2020) Keri v.c.; brunda r.l.; sinha t.p.; wig n.; bhoi s. Tele-healthcare to combat covid-19 pandemic in developing countries: a proposed single centre and integrated national level model International journal of health planning and management Https:// 0.49
Melekhina е.v. (2020) Melekhina е.v.; gorelov a.v.; muzyka a.d. Clinical characteristics of covid-19 in children of different ages. Literature review as of april 2020 Voprosy prakticheskoi pediatrii, 15(2), 7-20 Https:// 0.48
Cluster 3
Shibata s. (2020a) Shibata s.; arima h.; asayama k.; hoshide s.; ichihara a.; ishimitsu t.; kario k.; kishi t.; mogi m.; nishiyama a.; ohishi m.; ohkubo t.; tamura k.; tanaka m.; yamamoto e.; yamamoto k.; itoh h. Hypertension and related diseases in the era of covid-19: a report from the japanese society of hypertension task force on covid-19 Hypertension research Https:// 0.58
Rai n.k. (2020) Rai n.k.; ashok a.; akondi b.r. Consequences of chemical impact of disinfectants: safe preventive measures against covid-19 Critical reviews in toxicology Https:// 0.57
Rehman h. (2020) Rehman h.; ahmad m.i. Covid-19: a wreak havoc across the globe Archives of physiology and biochemistry Https:// 0.57
Gallo marin b. (2020) Gallo marin b.; aghagoli g.; lavine k.; yang l.; siff e.j.; chiang s.s.; salazar-mather t.p.; dumenco l.; savaria m.c.; aung s.n.; flanigan t.; michelow i.c. Predictors of covid-19 severity: a literature review Reviews in medical virology Https:// 0.56
Tariq r. (2020) Tariq r.; saha s.; furqan f.; hassett l.; pardi d.; khanna s. Prevalence and mortality of covid-19 patients with gastrointestinal symptoms: a systematic review and meta-analysis Mayo clinic proceedings, 95(8), 1632-1648 Https:// 0.55
Xiong b. (2020) Xiong b.; liu t.; luo p.; wei y.; zhou y.; liu m.; zhang y.; wang h.; zhang x.; wang x.; zhou f. Prominent hypercoagulability associated with inflammatory state among cancer patients with sars-cov-2 infection Frontiers in oncology, 10 Https:// 0.55
Doroftei b. (2020) Doroftei b.; ilie o.-d.; cojocariu r.-o.; ciobica a.; maftei r.; grab d.; anton e.; mckenna j.; dhunna n.; simionescu g. Minireview exploring the biological cycle of vitamin b3 and its influence on oxidative stress: further molecular and clinical aspects Molecules, 25(15) Https:// 0.55
Muyayalo k.p. (2020) Muyayalo k.p.; huang d.-h.; zhao s.-j.; xie t.; mor g.; liao a.-h. Covid-19 and treg/th17 imbalance: potential relationship to pregnancy outcomes American journal of reproductive immunology Https:// 0.55
Pfeifer m. (2020) Pfeifer m.; hamer o.w. Covid-19 pneumonia [covid-19-pneumonie] Internist, 61(8), 793-803 Https:// 0.55
Lian j. (2020) Lian j.; jin c.; hao s.; zhang x.; yang m.; jin x.; lu y.; hu j.; zhang s.; zheng l.; jia h.; cai h.; zhang y.; yu g.; wang x.; gu j.; ye c.; yu x.; gao j.; yang y.; sheng j. High neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio associated with progression to critical illness in older patients with covid-19: a multicenter retrospective study Aging, 12(14), 13849-13859 Https:// 0.55
Cluster 4
Så‚omka a. (2020) Så‚omka a.; kowalewski m.; żekanowska e. Coronavirus disease 2019 (covid–19): a short review on hematological manifestations Pathogens, 9(6), 1-19 Https:// 0.58
Rohilla s. (2020) Rohilla s. Designing therapeutic strategies to combat severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 disease: covid-19 Drug development research Https:// 0.57
Barati f. (2020) Barati f.; pouresmaieli m.; ekrami e.; asghari s.; ziarani f.r.; mamoudifard m. Potential drugs and remedies for the treatment of covid-19: a critical review Biological procedures online, 22(1) Https:// 0.56
He f. (2020) He f.; luo q.; lei m.; fan l.; shao x.; hu k.; qin s.; yu n.; cao j.; yang l. Successful recovery of recurrence of positive sars-cov-2 rna in covid-19 patient with systemic lupus erythematosus: a case report and review Clinical rheumatology Https:// 0.56
Jeong g.u. (2020) Jeong g.u.; song h.; yoon g.y.; kim d.; kwon y.-c. Therapeutic strategies against covid-19 and structural characterization of sars-cov-2: a review Frontiers in microbiology, 11 Https:// 0.55
Chakhalian d. (2020) Chakhalian d.; shultz r.b.; miles c.e.; kohn j. Opportunities for biomaterials to address the challenges of covid-19 Journal of biomedical materials research – part a Https:// 0.54
Huang y. (2020) Huang y.; yang c.; xu x.-f.; xu w.; liu s.-w. Structural and functional properties of sars-cov-2 spike protein: potential antivirus drug development for covid-19 Acta pharmacologica sinica Https:// 0.54
Chowdhury m.a. (2020) Chowdhury m.a.; hossain n.; kashem m.a.; shahid m.a.; alam a. Immune response in covid-19: a review Journal of infection and public health Https:// 0.52
Oscanoa t.j. (2020) Oscanoa t.j.; romero-ortuno r.; carvajal a.; savarino a. A pharmacological perspective of chloroquine in sars-cov-2 infection: an old drug for the fight against a new coronavirus? International journal of antimicrobial agents Https:// 0.52
Zou l. (2020) Zou l.; dai l.; zhang x.; zhang z.; zhang z. Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine: a potential and controversial treatment for covid-19 Archives of pharmacal research Https:// 0.51
Cluster 5
Azar w.s. (2020) Azar w.s.; njeim r.; fares a.h.; azar n.s.; azar s.t.; el sayed m.; eid a.a. Covid-19 and diabetes mellitus: how one pandemic worsens the other Reviews in endocrine and metabolic disorders Https:// 0.55
Tã©llez l. (2020) Tã©llez l.; martã­n mateos r.m. Covid-19 and liver disease: an update [actualizaciã³n en covid-19 y enfermedad hepã¡tica] Gastroenterologia y hepatologia Https:// 0.55
Liu j. (2020b) Liu j.; zhang s.; wu z.; shang y.; dong x.; li g.; zhang l.; chen y.; ye x.; du h.; liu y.; wang t.; huang s.s.; chen l.; wen z.; qu j.; chen d. Clinical outcomes of covid-19 in wuhan, china: a large cohort study Annals of intensive care, 10(1) Https:// 0.55
Geller a. (2020) Geller a.; yan j. Could the induction of trained immunity by β-glucan serve as a defense against covid-19? Frontiers in immunology, 11 Https:// 0.54
Bouayad a. (2020) Bouayad a. Innate immune evasion by sars-cov-2: comparison with sars-cov Reviews in medical virology Https:// 0.54
Qu j. (2020) Qu j.; chang l.k.; tang x.; du y.; yang x.; liu x.; han p.; xue y. Clinical characteristics of covid-19 and its comparison with influenza pneumonia Acta clinica belgica: international journal of clinical and laboratory medicine Https:// 0.54
Yu c. (2020) Yu c.; lei q.; li w.; wang x.; li w.; liu w. Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of 1663 hospitalized patients infected with covid-19 in wuhan, china: a single-center experience Journal of infection and public health Https:// 0.54
Ma j. (2020) Ma j.; shi x.; xu w.; lv f.; wu j.; pan q.; yang j.; yu j.; cao h.; li l. Development and validation of a risk stratification model for screening suspected cases of covid-19 in china Aging, 12(14), 13882-13894 Https:// 0.54
Grandbastien m. (2020) Grandbastien m.; piotin a.; godet j.; abessolo-amougou i.; ederlã© c.; enache i.; fraisse p.; tu hoang t.c.; kassegne l.; labani a.; leyendecker p.; manien l.; marcot c.; pamart g.; renaud-picard b.; riou m.; doyen v.; kessler r.; fafi-kremer s.; metz-favre c.; khayath n.; de blay f. Sars-cov-2 pneumonia in hospitalized asthmatic patients did not induce severe exacerbation Journal of allergy and clinical immunology: in practice Https:// 0.53
Eiro n. (2020) Eiro n.; cabrera j.r.; fraile m.; costa l.; vizoso f.j. The coronavirus pandemic (sars-cov-2): new problems demand new solutions, the alternative of mesenchymal (stem) stromal cells Frontiers in cell and developmental biology, 8 Https:// 0.53
Cluster 6
Yachou y. (2020) Yachou y.; el idrissi a.; belapasov v.; ait benali s. Neuroinvasion, neurotropic, and neuroinflammatory events of sars-cov-2: understanding the neurological manifestations in covid-19 patients Neurological sciences Https:// 0.54
Di carlo d.t. (2020) Di carlo d.t.; montemurro n.; petrella g.; siciliano g.; ceravolo r.; perrini p. Exploring the clinical association between neurological symptoms and covid-19 pandemic outbreak: a systematic review of current literature Journal of neurology Https:// 0.51
Riederer p. (2020) Riederer p.; ter meulen v. Coronaviruses: a challenge of today and a call for extended human postmortem brain analyses Journal of neural transmission Https:// 0.47
Fadakar n. (2020) Fadakar n.; ghaemmaghami s.; masoompour s.m.; shirazi yeganeh b.; akbari a.; hooshmandi s.; ostovan v.r. A first case of acute cerebellitis associated with coronavirus disease (covid-19): a case report and literature review Cerebellum Https:// 0.47
Morgello s. (2020) Morgello s. Coronaviruses and the central nervous system Journal of neurovirology Https:// 0.46
Macintyre c.r. (2020) Macintyre c.r.; chen x.; adam d.c.; chughtai a.a. Epidemiology of paediatric middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus and implications for the control of coronavirus virus disease 2019 Journal of paediatrics and child health Https:// 0.45
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Bitsadze v.o. (2020) Bitsadze v.o.; grigoreva k.; khizroeva j.k.; pervunina t.m.; tsibizova v.i.; tretyakova m.v.; makatsariya a.d. Novel coronavirus infection and kawasaki disease Journal of maternal-fetal and neonatal medicine Https:// 0.43
Cogan e. (2020) Cogan e.; foulon p.; cappeliez o.; dolle n.; vanfraechem g.; de backer d. Multisystem inflammatory syndrome with complete kawasaki disease features associated with sars-cov-2 infection in a young adult. A case report Frontiers in medicine, 7 Https:// 0.42
Arriola-villalobos p. (2020) Arriola-villalobos p.; fernandez-perez c.; ariã±o-gutierrez m.; fernandez-vigo j.i.; benito-pascual b.; cabello-clotet n.; mayol-martinez j.; gegundez-fernandez j.a.; diaz-valle d.; benitez-del-castillo j.m.; garcia-feijoo j. Letter in response to article in journal of infection: “high sars-cov-2 antibody prevalence among healthcare workers exposed to covid-19 patients” Journal of infection, 81(3), e26-e28 Https:// 0.41
Cluster 7
Navinya c. (2020) Navinya c.; patidar g.; phuleria h.c. Examining effects of the covid-19 national lockdown on ambient air quality across urban india Aerosol and air quality research, 20(8), 1759-1771 Https:// 0.49
Vlachakis p.k. (2020) Vlachakis p.k.; tentolouris a.; kanakakis i. Concerns for management of stemi patients in the covid-19 era: a paradox phenomenon Journal of thrombosis and thrombolysis Https:// 0.44
Li z. (2020) Li z.; meng j.; zhou l.; zhou r.; fu m.; wang y.; yi y.; song a.; guo q.; hou z.; yan l. Impact of the covid-19 event on the characteristics of atmospheric single particle in the northern china Aerosol and air quality research, 20(8), 1716-1726 Https:// 0.41
Carobbio a.l.c. (2020) Carobbio a.l.c.; filauro m.; parrinello g.; missale f.; peretti g. Microsurgical procedures during covid-19 pandemic: the vitomâ® 3d-hd exoscopic system as alternative to the operating microscope to properly use personal protective equipment (ppe) European archives of oto-rhino-laryngology Https:// 0.40
Expã³sito tirado j.a. (2020) Expã³sito tirado j.a.; rodrã­guez-piã±ero durã¡n m.; echevarrã­a ruiz de vargas c. Medical rehabilitation and covid-19: current impact and future challenges in rehabilitation services [rehabilitaciã³n mã©dica y covid-19: impacto actual y retos futuros en los servicios de rehabilitaciã³n] Rehabilitacion Https:// 0.40
Claeys m.j. (2020) Claeys m.j.; argacha j.-f.; collart p.; carlier m.; van caenegem o.; sinnaeve p.r.; desmet w.; dubois p.; stammen f.; gevaert s.; pourbaix s.; coussement p.; beauloye c.; evrard p.; brasseur o.; fierens f.; marechal p.; schelfaut d.; florã© v.; hanet c. Impact of covid-19-related public containment measures on the st elevation myocardial infarction epidemic in belgium: a nationwide, serial, cross-sectional study Acta cardiologica Https:// 0.38
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Zalakeviciute r. (2020) Zalakeviciute r.; vasquez r.; bayas d.; buenano a.; mejia d.; zegarra r.; diaz v.; lamb b. Drastic improvements in air quality in ecuador during the covid-19 outbreak Aerosol and air quality research, 20(8), 1783-1792 Https:// 0.36
Hudda n. (2020) Hudda n.; simon m.c.; patton a.p.; durant j.l. Reductions in traffic-related black carbon and ultrafine particle number concentrations in an urban neighborhood during the covid-19 pandemic Science of the total environment Https:// 0.35


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