Corpus downloaded from PubMed August 3rd 36201 publications. There were 2262 keywords that occurred in five or more manuscripts. These divided into five main clusters. To create the map, we used the LinLog method. The minimum cluster size was set to 25.

Table of the most central keywords in each cluster

(Centrality measure used is weighted degree centrality/total link strength)

Cluster 1 Cluster 2 Cluster 3 Cluster 4 Cluster 5
pneumonia telemedicine pandemic sars male
epidemiology personal protective equipment coronavirus infection animals female
hydroxychloroquine mental health viral pneumonia antiviral agents adult
infectious diseases anxiety betacoronavirus viruses middle aged
mortality depression china zoonosis aged
infection social distancing disease outbreaks outbreak clinical laboratory techniques
inflammation prevention public health peptidyl-dipeptidase a young adult
ace2 triage infection control mers children
chloroquine masks quarantine spike glycoprotein, coronavirus adolescent
acute respiratory distress syndrome healthcare workers epidemic genome, viral tomography, x-ray computed
cytokines cancer united states antibodies, viral risk factor
vaccine safety travel respiratory infections retrospective studies
treatment surgery global health viral vaccines lung
cardiovascular diseases stress italy clinical trials as topic aged, 80 and over
hypertension lockdown health personnel phylogeny infant
critical illness knowledge intensive care units transmission fever
diagnosis guidelines practice guidelines as topic chiroptera child, preschool
cytokine storm education critical care wuhan comorbidity
diabetes mellitus ethics time factors receptors, virus cough
ards patient care health policy immunization, passive pregnancy
lopinavir disinfection risk assessment antibodies, monoclonal hospitalization
angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors psychiatry world health organization drug repositioning severity of illness index
remdesivir aerosols contact tracing alanine real time polymerase chain reaction
obesity palliative care united kingdom adenosine monophosphate surveys and questionnaires
tocilizumab fear infectious disease transmission, patient-to-professional antibody treatment outcome

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