Corpus downloaded from PubMed 20th April: 5228 publications. There were 853 keywords that occurred in three or more manuscripts. These divided into four main clusters.

Cluster descriptions

Cluster 1 could be called «A global virus pandemic» and includes terms like (beta)coronavirus infection, viral pneumonia, disease outbreak and public health. This cluster contains 2 major topics: a) “preventive epidemiology”, which in addition to the terms like disease outbreak and public health includes terms like travel, global heath and civil defence and b) “care management” which includes terms like infection control, practice guidelines and health personnel

Cluster 2 could be called “disease epidemiology” and includes terms like epidemiology, outbreak, infection, infectious diseases, novel coronavirus pneumonia, treatment and transmission. This is a small cluster with only this major topic

Cluster 3 could be called “pathophysiology and origin” and includes terms like SARS, animals, zoonosis, antiviral agents, viral genome, phylogeny and chiroptera. This cluster contains to major topics: a) “viral biology” which in addition to terms like SARS, animals, viral genome, phylogeny and chiroptera includes terms like spike glycoprotein and peptidyl-dipeptidase a and b) “drug treatment” which in addition to the term antiviral agent contains terms like traditional Chinese medicine, chloroquine and lopinavir

Cluster 4 could be named “clinical epidemiology” and contains terms like mortality, age, gender, clinical laboratory techniques and fever. Also in this cluster, there is only this major topic.

Cluster 5 could be named “related topics” and contains terms like mental health and anxiety and depression one side , but also terms like surveys and questionnaires, cross-sectional studies and health knowledge; attitudes and practice on the other. This is the smallest cluster with only one topic

Table of ten most central keywords in each cluster

(Centrality measure used is weighted degree centrality)

Cluster 1 (Red) Cluster 2 (Green) Cluster 3 (Blue) Cluster 4 (Yellow) Cluster 5 (Purple)
coronavirus infection pneumonia sars female mental health
viral pneumonia epidemiology animals male health knowledge, attitudes, practice
betacoronavirus outbreak zoonosis adult anxiety
pandemic infection antiviral agents middle aged depression
china infectious diseases genome, viral aged fear
disease outbreaks novel coronavirus pneumonia phylogeny clinical laboratory techniques social support
public health treatment chiroptera young adult anxiety disorders
travel transmission spike glycoprotein, coronavirus children emotions
epidemic prevention peptidyl-dipeptidase a adolescent health status
global health inflammation viral vaccines tomography, x-ray computed resilience, psychological

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