Keyword Co-Occurrence Network Graph for the Overall Research Field on COVID-19 up to April 6th, 2020.

Corpus downloaded from PubMed 6th April: 2684 publications. There were 453 keywords that occurred in three or more manuscripts. These divided into four main clusters.

Cluster descriptions

Cluster descriptions

Cluster 1 (red) relates to “Health and pandemic management”, and include topics like the epidemic, the impact on global health, the public health, infection control and health personnel. Within this cluster, we found the topic of “Global health politics”, which in addition to terms on the epidemic, the impact on global health and public health included terms like population surveillance, civil defense and risk assessment. Further, within this cluster, we found the topic of “Pandemic management”, which in addition to the terms infection control and health personnel included terms like practice guidelines and patient isolation.

Cluster 2 (green) related to “The disease and its treatment”, including topics like its pneumonia and diagnosis, but also topics like antiviral drugs and artificial respiration. Within this cluster, we found the topic of “Clinical picture”, which in addition to terms on pneumonia and diagnosis, included terms like corona virus and infectious disease. Further, within this cluster, we find the topic of “Drug treatment”, which in addition to the terms antiviral drugs and artificial respiration, includes terms like lopinavir, alanine, chloroquine and clinical trials.

Cluster 3 (blue) related to the “The virus and its epidemiology”, including terms like SARS, it being a zoonosis, its genome and the outbreak in Wuhan. Two major topics were identified within this cluster: “Clinical epidemiology”, which in addition to it being a zoonosis and broke out in Wuhan, includes terms like transmission and basic reproduction rate. The other major topic identified is on the “Virus biology”, which in addition to the terms SARS and genome, included terms like phylogeny, glycoproteins and antibodies.

Cluster 4 (yellow) related to “Clinical epidemiology”, with terms relating to age, gender, and basic clinical signs and procedures (like x-ray, CT, fever).

Table of ten most central keywords in each cluster

(Centrality measure used is weighted degree centrality)

Cluster 1 (Red)
Cluster 2 (Green)
Cluster 3 (Blue)
Cluster 4 (Yellow)
coronavirus infection pneumonia sars female
viral pneumonia antiviral agents animals male
betacoronavirus viral vaccines epidemiology adult
china pregnancy genome, viral middle aged
pandemic influenza, human outbreak aged
disease outbreaks respiration, artificial zoonosis young adult
travel lopinavir phylogeny adolescent
public health ritonavir chiroptera tomography, x-ray computed
epidemic alanine wuhan children
infection control chloroquine spike glycoprotein, coronavirus fever

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