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The table below provides an overview of the most central keywords from each of the clusters in the keyword co-occurrence network graph above.

Table of most central keywords in each cluster from the network graph:

Cluster Red
Cluster GREEN
Cluster BLUE
Cluster YELLOW
Cluster PURPLE
Cluster TEAL

Clinical analysis and treatment

Categorization of epidemic

Epidemiology and Global spread

Prognosis for population groups

Origin and definition

Social prevention measures

pneumonia sars epidemiology adult china coronavirus infection
infection mers australia female outbreak betacoronavirus
novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic case definition middle aged viruses disease outbreaks
public health pregnancy emerging infectious diseases male wuhan united states
diagnosis infant acute respiratory disease viral pneumonia zoonosis centers for disease control and prevention, u.s.
treatment bat importation aged respiratory infections contact tracing
infectious diseases pandemic travel children transmission travel-related illness
clinical characteristics ace2 isolation radiography, thoracic respiratory disease risk assessment
influenza wuhan pneumonia quarantine young adult cluster practice guidelines as topic
clinical features exposure migration prognosis mathematical model infection control